PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a novel, useful method and an apparatus for removing mercury from a flue gas produced during combustion of fossil fuel or solid waste.SOLUTION: The method and the apparatus use a scrubber for receiving an industrial gas containing oxidized mercury and retaining a scrubber solution for cleaning the industrial gas with an aqueous alkali reagent, and include the process of adding an aqueous sulfide species to the industrial gas in the scrubber and cleaning the industrial gas.

Usage of sulfide-containing gas and liquid for removing mercury from flue gas
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November 10, 2005
Publication Date
April 13, 2006
Stanley J Vetch
Ralph T Berry
Downs William
Paul S Nolan
Babcock &Amp Wilcox Co The
Mcdermott Technol
B01D 53/34
B01D 53/64