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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a composite body, when used as the constituting material of an electrophotographic photoreceptor, which can impart sufficient static charge properties, photosensitivity and low dark decay properties to the electrophotographic photoreceptor, and is effective for preventing picture defects such as fogging and ghost, and to provide its production method.SOLUTION: The composite body for solving the problem is a composite body of phthalocyanine pigment and an organic electronic acceptor used as constituting materials of an electrophotographic photoreceptor, and is obtained by subjecting a mixture comprising the phthalocyanine pigment, the organic electronic acceptor, and a prescribed solvent to wet pulverization treatment.

Composite body, its production method, electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge and electrophotographic device
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March 24, 2005
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March 16, 2006
Yoshida Satoko
Hoshizaki Taketoshi
Nakamura Hiroshi
Esumi Tetsuya
Kamijo Yukiko
Nakajima Yukiko
Hongo Kazuya
Fuji Xerox
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