PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an energy absorbing system capable of reducing weight and volume and having better resistance property to deformation and higher collision impact energy absorbing property than currently available energy absorbing systems to meet today's rigorous safety standards while satisfying the requirements of current vehicle styling trends.SOLUTION: This article includes a plurality of swelling structures 10 having size exceeding about 1 mm. This article 100 includes one cell boundary 20 or more connected with the swelling structures structurally. The cell boundary is configured to resist a deformation of the swelling structure. An energy absorbing system for an automobile includes a plurality of swelling structures having size exceeding about 1 mm.

Energy absorbing article
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June 27, 2005
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March 16, 2006
Jaarda Eric J
Shuler Stephen
Theethira Poovanna K
Thiagarajan Chinniah
Chaudhari Tansen D
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