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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To secure the durability of a motor-driven press device while maintaining working accuracy.SOLUTION: The differential mechanism 9 of the motor-driven press device having a connecting mechanism 17 fixed to a nut member 8 which is screwed on a ball screw shaft 15 which is revolved with a motor 22 and a slide plate 25 is provided with a frame body 92 which has an inside wall surface which is bored by taking an opening part upward and the opening part on the inside wall surface of which forms a rigid body, a moving body 11 on the side of the back of an upper plate part having a slope which is inclined in the back and fit into the opening part of the frame body 92 and the differential member 94 having a first guiding/engaging part which is respectively slidably engaged with the sliding groove formed on the frame body 92 in the lower end part and also has a second guiding/engaging part which is slidably engaged with the sliding groove formed on the side of the back of the movable body 91 respectively in the upper end part and having a slope the upper surface of which is inclined and made into a wedge shape fitting so as to be freely slidable inside the frame body 92 and a screw shaft 95 for moving the differential member 94 with a motor 28 are provided.

Motor-driven press device and differential mechanism
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June 18, 2004
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January 5, 2006
Futamura Shoji
Unno Keizo
Hoden Seimitsu Kako Kenkyusho
B30B 01/18
B30B 15/06