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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reconcile securing of traveling stability during high speed traveling and improving of steering operability during low speed traveling, at the time of returning rear wheels to a neutral position because of an abnormality in a rear wheel steering system.SOLUTION: This device is provided with a neutral returning means 12 for energizing the rear wheels 6 in a neutral position direction and an abnormality judging means 9c for stopping energizing to a motor 8a when the abnormality occurs in the rear wheel steering system. The device is provided with a vehicle speed sensor 11 for detecting vehicle speed and a braking means 13 for reducing speed for the neutral returning as the vehicle speed becomes higher, when the rear wheels 6 are returned at the neutral position when the abnormality occurs.

Rear wheel steering control device
Application Number
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Application Date
May 24, 2004
Publication Date
December 8, 2005
Tanaka Tomonori
Nissan Motor
B62D 07/14
B62D 06/00