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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a polymer composition in radiation curing ink-jet ink composition containing the high-molecular crosslinked insoluble polymer binder composition, an aqueous medium and a colorant avoiding non-permissible increase of viscosity of the ink composition.SOLUTION: A polymer composition which is crosslinked and insoluble in radiation curable monomers, prepolymers, oligomers, and mixtures thereof, is suitable for formulation into radiation curable compositions, for example, as binders for formulation in radiation curable ink jet ink compositions. Such crosslinked, insoluble polymer compositions impart improved application and curing characteristics to ink jet ink compositions without loss of acceptable jettability characteristics.

Insoluble polymer composition suitable for ink-jet ink formulation
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March 2, 2005
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November 10, 2005
Wu Richard Shu Hua
Graziano Louis Christopher
Rohm &Amp Haas Co
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B41J 02/01
C08F 220/10