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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To compensate current characteristics of a driving transistor with respect to luminance data.SOLUTION: In a gain for compensation generation circuit 24 and an offset for compensation generation circuit 30, a compensation value is generated for gain corresponding to V-I characteristics of a driving TFT to pixel positions (for example, every horizontal line) and offset corresponding to threshold levels. Then, image data is compensated and generation of variation of display on the screen is prevented by multiplying gain for compensation with a multiplier 22 and adding offset for compensation with an adder 28 according to the pixel position of inputted image data.

Organic el display device
Application Number
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March 30, 2004
Publication Date
October 13, 2005
Kono Makoto
Onomura Koichi
Mori Nobuyuki
Mizukoshi Seiichi
Eastman Kodak Co
H05B 33/14
G09G 03/20
G09G 03/30