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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a remote control apparatus, a remote control method, and a program thereof capable of remotely controlling a plurality of object apparatuses, without the need for adding functions to a plurality of the object apparatuses at all.SOLUTION: The remote control apparatus recognizes a character string from an image of an apparatus imaged by a camera section 101, particularizes a remote control object apparatus, on the basis of the recognized character string by referencing an apparatus information database 108, sets an operating section 105 to be an operating section for the particularized apparatus, and outputs a remote control infrared ray signal to the specified apparatus through the operation of the operating section. Thus, the user has only to image the apparatus to readily apply remote control to a plurality of apparatuses, without the need for adding functions to the apparatuses at all.

Remote control apparatus, remote control method, and program thereof
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March 16, 2004
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September 29, 2005
Mimura Yoshimasa
Ida Hideyuki
H04N 05/76
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