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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain high capacitance, a short electric discharge response time, and high electric power performance.SOLUTION: A macroreticular carbonaceous material has a total surface area of 500m2/g to 2,500m2/g, and 20 to 80% of the total surface area comprises pores having diameters of 17 angstroms to 100,000 angstroms. In addition, an energy storage device includes the macroreticular carbonaceous material having at least one first distinguishable peak representing a pore size of 20 angstroms or smaller in the case of measuring by using an H-Kdv/dlog(W) pore size distribution and at least one second distinguishable peak representing a pore size greater than 20 angstroms in measuring by using a BJHdv/dlog(D) pore size distribution.

Macroreticular carbonaceous material useful for energy storage device
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March 30, 2004
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April 7, 2005
Parker Garth R
Lundquist Eric G
Rohm &Amp Haas Co
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