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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a light emitting device capable of reducing the luminance variation of a light emitting element between pixels caused by the characteristic variation of a driving transistor without reducing the off-current of a switching transistor, and suppressing the risk of a process caused by increase in the number of wiring.SOLUTION: The light emitting ddevice is configured so that a current control transistor operated in a linear region is disposed in series with a driving transistor and a video signal for transmitting a signal of light emission or non-emission of a pixel is inputted to a gate of the current controlling transistor through a switching transistor is employed. Since a voltage Vds between a source and a drain of the current controlling transistor is small, small changes in a voltage Vgs between a gate and a source thereof do not affect a current flowing in a load. The current flowing in the light emitting element is determined by the driving transistor operated in a saturation region, and a fixed potential is inputted to the gate thereof during light emission.

Element substrate and light emitting device
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June 15, 2004
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February 3, 2005
Osame Mitsuaki
Yamazaki Masaru
Anzai Aya
Fukumoto Ryota
Semiconductor Energy Lab
H05B 33/14
G09G 03/20
G09F 09/30
G09G 03/30