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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a secondary battery aiming at space saving and manufacturing efficiency, capable of enhancing reliability, and a method for manufacturing the secondary battery.SOLUTION: Many number of positive electrode plates 20A and negative electrode plates 20B are laminated and housed in a case of a lithium secondary battery, and those many number of electrode plates 20A, 20B are split into a plural pairs of bundles 100, at every prescribed number, and the electrode plates 20A, 20B are joined to one sheet of belt-like current collector leads 22A, 22B at each bundle 100, and the current collector leads 22A, 22B are connected and fixed by welding to a positive electrode 30A and a negative electrode 30B respectively. It is preferable that a bolt 40 for fixing the leads 22A, 22B to the electrodes 30A, 30B is also fixed to the electrodes 30A, 30B by welding.

Secondary battery and method for manufacturing secondary battery
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June 13, 2003
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January 6, 2005
Kusumoto Yoshiyuki
Matsunaga Sadanori
Kai Seiko
Shibata Hiroyuki
Adachi Kazuyuki
Tajima Hidehiko
Akiyama Tomoo
Hashimoto Tsutomu
Matsui Masakazu
Kyushu Electric Power Co
Mitsubishi Heavy
H01M 10/40
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