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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a printinf film capable of improving heat barrier properties and design properties at the same time by solving a problem wherein the design properties of a building material such as an aluminum building material, a vinyl building material or the like is enhanced by bonding the printing film to the building material but the printing film receves solar rays directly to be heated by solar heat and strain or a sound coccurs by the temperature rise of the building material.SOLUTION: Printing ink is applied to a film having high solar radiation reflectivity to form an ink layer on the film. This film permits the transmission of infrared rays by the ink layer while holding design properties and reflects infrared rays by the film having high solar radiation reflectivity not only to suppress the temperature rise of the surface of the building material but also to prevent the occurrence of strain and the emission of a sound.

Printing film having infrared reflecting function
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March 14, 2003
Publication Date
October 7, 2004
Murase Toshikazu
Miki Katsuo
Mizuno Shuzo
Shijo Sozo
Nippon Decor
C09D 11/00
B32B 07/02