PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method of manufacturing semiconductor device which can manufacture thin film semiconductor devices in a high manufacturing yield.SOLUTION: The method of manufacturing semiconductor device includes a process (a) to form a resin layer showing a first adhesive force to a semiconductor wafer by filling the surface provided with convex portions for soldering of the semiconductor wafer including the convex portions for soldering at the upper side of the semiconductor substrate, a process (b) to adhere a rear-surface grinding tape showing a second adhesive force which is larger than the first adhesive force to the resin layer over the resin layer, a process (c) to grind the rear surface of the semiconductor substrate, and a process (d) to peel the rear surface grinding tape from the semiconductor wafer and to peel also the resin layer in this timing together with the rear surface grinding tape.

Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor electronic component, and semiconductor electronic component
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March 6, 2003
Publication Date
September 30, 2004
Okamoto Hisahiro
Ikumo Masamitsu
Matsuki Hirohisa
H01L 21/304
H01L 21/02
H01L 23/12