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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To avoid the occurrence of operational trouble in distributed power source equipment by diagnosing and analyzing the power source equipment at a remote site and detecting an early sign of abnormality.SOLUTION: A distributed power source equipment diagnostic device 3 has remote-collecting means 31 for collecting via a network 2 distributed power source equipment operation status data on distributed power source equipment 11 and 12 distributed in remote sites, diagnosing means 32 for diagnosing the operation status data acquired by the remote-collecting means for a sign of abnormality in the distributed power source equipment by means of diagnostic parameters, diagnostic parameter editing means 34 for editing the diagnostic parameters, and displaying and notifying means 33 for notifying the contents of a sign of abnormality if the diagnosing means diagnose any sign of abnormality. The remote-collecting means have collection condition setting means 312 for setting the collection periods of the operation status data and the type of the data.

Device, method and program for diagnosis of distributed power source equipment
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February 6, 2003
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August 26, 2004
Tsuzuki Naohisa
Maeda Kazunao
Kuwashiro Tomoaki
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