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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electrophotographic photoreceptor which has an excellent potential characteristic and electrophotographic characteristic even under a low-temperature and low-humidity environment, and to provide a process cartridge and an electrophotographic device having the electrophotographicphotoreceptor.SOLUTION: The electrophotographic photoreceptor has an intermediate layer and a photosensitive layer on a substrate in the order thereof. Therein, the intermediate layer contains an imide resin having electron transportability and the photosensitive layer contains a product obtained by polymerizing hole transport material which has two or more chain polymerizable functional groups in the same molecule.

Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge and electrophotographic device
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August 30, 2002
Publication Date
March 25, 2004
Kimura Tomohiro
Go Shintetsu
Kikuchi Norihiro
Sekido Kunihiko
Tanaka Hiroyuki
G03G 05/07
G03G 05/14