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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a process for producing a polymer polyol containing less residual monomer without lowering productivity upon production.SOLUTION: The process for producing the polymer polyol comprises distilling (II) an organic solvent from a mixed liquid comprising (I) a base polymer polyol obtained by polymerizing (b) an ethylenic unsaturated monomer in (A) a polyol and (II) the organic solvent of ≥3 mass wt.% to (I) wherein (II) has an SP value of 7-14(cal/cm3)1/2 and an boiling point satisfying the relationship of formula (1): 850/s≤bp≤1100/s, (wherein s is the SP value of the organic solvent and bp is the boiling point of the organic solvent).

Process for producing polymer polyol, and polymer polyol
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April 9, 2003
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January 8, 2004
Ota Hidefumi
Mori Hirotake
Horiguchi Hidemasa
Sanyo Chem
C08F 283/06
C08F 02/44
C08F 06/10