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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a positioning clamper for preventing the entry of a welding spatter inside and causing no working trouble.SOLUTION: A work supporting plate 10 has a cylindrical support 10b with its front end face in contact with a panel material P. A locating pin 18 is protruded from the front end face and slidably mounted on the cylindrical support 10b. A clamping member 24 is reciprocatingly mounted in a pin storage hole 23 formed opening to the outer periphery face of a cylindrical portion 18b. An arm 25 is incorporated in an arm storage hole 18d formed in the cylindrical portion 18b with its base end rockingly mounted on the cylindrical support 10b and its front end in engagement with the clamping member 24. Driving means is provided on the work supporting plate 10 for giving axial reciprocating motion to the locating pin 18. A cam pin 28 is put in engagement with a cam groove 29 formed in the arm 25 and fixed to the cylindrical support 10b for converting the axial movement of the locating pin 18 into the reciprocating motion of the clamping member 24 via the arm 25.

Positioning clamper
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March 20, 2002
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September 30, 2003
Tezuka Masakazu
Nakada Akio
B23Q 03/18
B23K 37/04
B23Q 03/06