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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a conduit overheating detection system for a wire or a heating element used for a heated breathing conduit for coupling a patient to a respiratory humidifier.SOLUTION: This invention relates to the respiratory humidifier (10) and the heated breathing conduit (14) to couple a patient to the humidifier. The conduit overheating detection system for the conduit (14) having the wire or the heating element (15) is provided. The overheating detection system can be utilized in a single limb conduit system or a dual limb conduit system. In each of these systems, the conduit overheating detection system monitors the current in the heating element and alters the power to the heating element to prevent the heating element and/or the conduit from overheating.

Conduit overheating detection system
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February 20, 2003
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September 2, 2003
Rumbold Duncan James
White Craig Karl
Fisher &Amp Paykel Healthcare
A61M 16/16
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