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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce corrosion of a metallic material, such as intergranular stress corrosion, without using other equipment for hydrogen injection and the like.SOLUTION: TiO2 in a photocatalytic n-type semiconductor is deposited on or applied to a surface of a metallic material. Exposure to high temperature water generates a thermally excited current to cause a potential drop. An increase in water temperature lowers corrosion potential. A temperature of 280°C can establish a corrosion potential causing no stress corrosion cracking to reduce corrosion of the metallic material.

Corrosion reduction method for metallic material
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February 6, 2002
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August 22, 2003
Hirano Takashi
Fukaya Yuichi
Sanhongi Mitsuru
Takamori Kenro
Suzuki Shunichi
Yotsuyanagi Tadashi
Takagi Junichi
Yamazaki Kenji
Murakami Kazuo
Yamamoto Seiji
Osato Tetsuo
Ichikawa Nagayoshi
Henmi Yukio
Okamura Masahito
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