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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve such a problem that the quality of an image picked up with the camera of a portable terminal is low because of its low resolution, so that the probability of misrecognition is high when words of the image are recognized by the present character recognizing processing, and it is difficult to obtain a correct translation when the obtained text is translated as it is.SOLUTION: The data composed of the image picked with the camera of the portable terminal or a keyword inputted by a key input part, the kind of processing service and the relative information of the portable terminal is transmitted, and two or more word strings extracted to one word string included in the received image is translated by an image word string recognizing/translating part in a server, or a relative sentence produced to the received keyword is translated to transmit a result of the translation to the portable terminal.

Portable terminal-type image processing system, portable terminal, and server
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December 10, 2001
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June 27, 2003
Okada Yasuhiro
Hirano Takashi
Mitsubishi Electric
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