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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a load interruption detecting device for photovoltaic power generator in which voltage rise can be minimized even if a load interruption occurs.SOLUTION: A load interruption detecting system in a photovoltaic power generator performing linkage operation with a power system comprises means for detecting the instantaneous output voltage from the photovoltaic power generator, and means for detecting deviation of a current of the photovoltaic power generator from a command value, wherein occurrence of load interruption of the photovoltaic power generator is determined when the instantaneous value of the output voltage exceeds a predetermined value and/or the deviation of the electric current from the command for exceeds a predetermined value, and when a state of load interruption takes place, an inverter is suspended by a gate blocking means.

Load interruption detecting device and photovoltaic power generator
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October 17, 2001
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May 9, 2003
Toyama Koji
Otake Hiroyuki
Mitsubishi Heavy
H02J 03/38
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