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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a light weight box for cultivating plants.SOLUTION: This box for cultivating plants is equipped with multiple wave- shaped bottom plates 1 joined and fitted by unit bottom plates each other and side part frames 2 for supporting the lower part of both sides of the bottom plates. The bottom plates 1 is preferably formed with a synthetic resin for making them light-weighted. The side part frames are similarly formed. Each of the individual bottom plates is a unit bottom plate formed to have a prescribed width, and a necessary area is secured by linking and fitting them. Anchor bolts 3 are driven into a surface 6 (e.g. a concrete surface of a roof top) where the box is installed by penetrating them through the vicinity of the side part of the bottom plates 1 positioned at the both sides and the bottom surface of the side part frames 2 for preventing the floating up or flying away of the box by wind. Also, it is preferable to have gaps 7 between the lower surface of the bottom plates 1 and the surface 6 on which the box is installed.

Box for cultivating plant
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October 12, 2001
Publication Date
April 22, 2003
Ueda Yoshio
Asahi Matsushita Electric Works
A01G 09/02