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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for manufacturing to improve uniformity of a tire mainly flatly running and having a reinforcing rubber layer of a substantially crescent-like section between a carcass and an inner liner.SOLUTION: The method for laminating sheet-like materials comprises the steps of transferring a carcass band before a carcass member is folded at a periphery of a bead core in a radially outward of a cylindrical green tire molding drum, holding the bead core by the molding drum, then deforming a body of the carcass in a toroidal state, and folding the folded part. The method further comprises the steps of cylindrically laminating an inner liner rubber 12 on an outer periphery of a first band molding drum 1, then relatively radially contracting a reinforced rubber superposing region of the rubber 12 approximately double as large as a thickness of the reinforcing rubber corresponding to the positions at each axial position by referring to the reinforcing rubber non- superposing region, and then laminating a reinforcing member 13 on an outer periphery of the reinforcing rubber superposing region of the radially relatively contracted inner liner rubber.

Method for manufacturing tire
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September 6, 2001
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March 12, 2003
Tokunaga Toshio
B29D 30/30