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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liquid crystal display device having a wide viewing angle and high display quality. SOLUTION: The liquid crystal display device has a plurality of picture element regions each of which is defined by a 1st electrode arranged on the liquid crystal layer side of a 1st substrate, and a 2nd electrode faced to a 1st electrode and arranged on a 2nd substrate via the liquid crystal layer. In each picture element region, the 1st electrode has a plurality of opening parts and solid parts; the liquid crystal layer is brought into a vertical orientation state when no voltage is applied between the 1st and 2nd electrodes, and a plurality of liquid crystal domains each in a radially-inclined orientation state are formed in the plurality of the opening parts and the solid parts by an inclined electric field generated in the edge parts of the opening parts of the 1st electrode when voltage is applied between the 1st and 2nd electrodes. Display is performed by variation in the orientation states of the plurality of the liquid crystal domains according to the applied voltages. The liquid crystal domains corresponding to the opening parts also contribute to the display.

Liquid crystal display device
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July 19, 2001
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February 13, 2003
Ogishima Kiyoshi
Morishita Katsuhiko
Yamada Sunao
Yamaguchi Tetsuhiro
Ochi Takashi
Maekawa Kazuhiro
Yamamoto Akihiro
Kubo Masumi
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