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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To manufacture a zinc oxide-based homologous compound film having a uniformized crystal orientation, by sputtering. SOLUTION: This method for manufacturing the zinc oxide-based homologous compound film is characterized by employing a sintered compact of polycrystals having a composition of (In1-xGax)2O3(ZnO)m, (where 0≤x≤1, a ratio of In and/or Ga to Zn is 0.1-0.67 by atom ratio, and m is an integer), which corresponds to the zinc oxide-based homologous compound, for a target, and forming a film on a substrate of alumina (0001), by sputtering in an atmosphere containing both two gases of oxygen gas and argon gas. Then the obtained C-axis oriented homologous phase (In1-xGax)2O3(ZnO)m (0≤x≤1, a ratio of In and/or Ga to Zn is 0.1-0.67, by atom ratio, m is an integer), can be confirmed to be a heteroepitaxial thin film of which the C-axis of the crystal orientation is oriented to a film thickness direction, by an X-ray pole figure, electron beam diffraction, and a high-resolution transmission electron microscopy observation, without particularly performing heat treatment after forming the film.

Method for manufacturing zinc oxide-based homologous compound film
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July 27, 2001
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February 13, 2003
Ohashi Naoki
Sakaguchi Isao
Adachi Yutaka
Hagino Takeshi
Haneda Hajime
National Institute For Materials Science
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