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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an intercom having excellent convenience that can identify a visitor with high accuracy even when the visitor is a visitor for the list time and attain communication with the dweller of a visited place. SOLUTION: A reception section 5 acquires a phone number of a mobile phone possessed by a visitor, and a transfer function section 204 references the acquired telephone number with a telephone number of a visit scheduled person, identifies the visitor and transfers the visitor's call to a portable information terminal 3 possessed by the dweller of a visited place when the transfer of the call is required.

Intercom system
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June 11, 2001
Publication Date
December 20, 2002
Hirano Yasuhiro
Hatae Hiroshi
Sakamoto Koji
Suzuki Takashi
Kawahara Takayuki
Otsubo Hiroyasu
Ota Masutomi
H04M 03/54
H04M 09/00