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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a plant cultivation mat having excellent water retainability and water absorptivity, excellent in drainage ability of extra water and air permeability of root, and capable of growing a plant in a comfortable environment, and to provide a supporting body capable of easily forming the mat.SOLUTION: This plant cultivation mat comprises a fiber mat part 20 obtained by heating the three-dimensional aggregate of a fiber having a binder fiber 24 and fertilizer grains 26 dispersed in a fiber 22 including a polyester synthetic fiber to the melting temperature of the binder fiber 24 followed by pressing the resultant product, and cooling and hardening the binder fiber 24 to bind the fibers with each other and form innumerable voids between the fibers. The other objective supporting body 30 is such that through holes 34 each with an upper opening are formed all over the top of the supporting body 30, and supports 36 are formed at the lower side of the intersection point of the lattice of a supporting part 32, and parts except the supports 36 in a space between the lower end place of the supports 36 and the supporting part 32 are space-forming parts 38; wherein the fiber mat 20 is laminated and bonded with the top of the supporting body 30 using a bonding agent, and the roots of a plant grown in the fiber mat 20 pass through the through holes 34 and can stretch in the space-forming parts 38.

Plant cultivation mat and supporting body
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May 8, 2001
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November 19, 2002
Uchida Shoei
Yamazaki Shozo
Kashiwagi Yasuyo
Aoyama Yukihisa
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