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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To present the information how to use home electrical appliances according to the using condition of the apparatus, after the selling thereof.SOLUTION: A server 10 and a home electrical appliance 20 are connected, mutually communicably by a communication network 1. The appliance 20 transmits the using condition information showing the operating conditions of the appliance to the server 10. The server 10 updates a user information database 16, based on the received using condition information, references a design information database 15 or the user information database 16 to acquire consulting information showing how to use the appliance 20, and transmits the information to the appliance 20. The consulting information includes operations for solving troubles in the usage of the apparatus and information for operating the appliance in optimum conditions, etc. The appliance 20 operates in accordance with the received consulting information.

Consulting home electronics system and method of presenting consulting information therefor
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April 11, 2001
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October 25, 2002
Katano Kouji
Sato Kazuo
Kawabe Masaru
Furukawa Kiminobu
Morita Shinji
Wakamatsu Nobuhiko
Fujii Hiroyuki
Tatemura Hironobu
Murase Kazuhiro
Nagao Takeshi
Hayashi Katsuhiko
Matsushita Electric
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