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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a document automated dividing device capable of omitting a partition sheet and automatically determining a break of a document even when various documents having unclear formats are inputted.SOLUTION: This document automated dividing device is provide with an image reading means 101 reading a plurality of documents and forming a document image, a document image storing buffer 102 storing the read document image, a letter identifying means 103 identifying a letter in the document image, a document dividing information extracting means 104 extracting document dividing information for determining a break of the document from an analysis result and a letter identification result of the document image, a document break determination means 105 determining the break of the document on the basis of the document dividing information, a document break possible selection means 106 displaying the document break determination result by the document break determination means to an operation for correction and confirmation, and a document management system registering means 107 dividing the document image into document units for registration in a document management system.

Document automated dividing device
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April 18, 2001
Publication Date
October 25, 2002
Okada Yasuhiro
Hirano Takashi
Mitsubishi Electric
H04N 01/387
G06T 11/60
G06T 01/00
G06K 09/00
G06F 17/30