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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a treating method by which organic waste such as an excretion, a sewage sludge or a food residue is fermented in a short period without generating malodor and a completely matured manure of a good quality can easily be manufactured, and an apparatus using this method.SOLUTION: This treating apparatus for organic waste comprises a first apparatus 1 having a means to mix the organic waste A as a raw material and a moisture conditioning material B and, if necessary, an auxiliary material C and stir and grind the mixture and a second apparatus 17 which receives the raw material D with a conditioned moisture conveyed from the first device 1 through a connecting path 16 and extrudes the raw material D through a pressurizing and kneading process and further, heats up the raw material D via a stricture window into a lumpy bar form, which, in turn, passes through a subsequent cutting and grinding process. Thus the raw material D composed of the organic substance is kept under optimal conditions with regard to the moisture content, temperature and the like. Consequently, the extermination of pathogenic vermins and saprophytic bacteria and the decomposition of agricultural chemicals, chemical fertilizers and the like contained in the raw material with the effect to make these materials harmless are achieved.

Treating apparatus for organic waste
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February 22, 2001
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September 3, 2002
Inaba Hiroshi
Inaba Hiroshi
Daiichi Shizai
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