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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To smoothly perform video recording and reproduction by eliminating trouble resulting from differences between information for program recording and information for reproducing.SOLUTION: A storage device 55 stores the indicated program to be recorded and common information regarding the program. When the video recording is performed, work key information for video recording composed of a work key, etc., and a video-recording history are generated and stored in a contract information storage device 62. When reproduction is indicated, the common information corresponding to the indicated program is supplied from the storage device 55 to a command individual information analyzing device 61. The analyzing device 61 reads the work key information for video recording and history information corresponding to the common information from contract information storage device 62 and uses the information to start the reproduction.

Device and method for information processing, information processing system, recording medium, and program
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February 22, 2001
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August 30, 2002
Yamane Takashi
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