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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To increase a unit area of a photodiode with no degradation in integration degree.SOLUTION: At a unit pixel, an amplifying transistor 26 and a selecting transistor 28 are stacked over a reading transistor 24 and resetting transistor 22 with an interlayer insulating film 37 in between. So, with a prescribed design rule applied, an element separation film 32 is allowed to be away from the reading transistor 24. By reducing an occupation area of a transistor region like this way, an occupation area of a photodiode is increased with no degradation in integration degree for improved optical sensitivity characteristics.

Image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
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February 16, 2001
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August 30, 2002
Hotta Masayoshi
H01L 31/10
H01L 27/088
H01L 21/8234
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H01L 27/146