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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a DVD-R or the like capable of more surely and accurately recording information thereon by recording information in an optimized recording mode corresponding to each DVD-R or the like even when recording is carried out for many kinds of DVD-R or the like.SOLUTION: In a DVD-R1 for recording information thereon by an information recorder, at least drive identification information for identifying the information recorder for recoding information on the DVD-R1, and recording parameter information including optimization information for optimizing a recording mode in the recording executed by the information recorder indicated by the drive identification information are pre-recorded in a stage before information is recorded in the DVD-R1. Then, the information recorder reads the recording parameter information during the execution of the recording, and uses it for the recording.

Recording medium, information recording device and method, information recording medium and recording program
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February 19, 2001
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August 30, 2002
Muramatsu Eiji
Taniguchi Terushi
Inoue Akimasa
Matsumoto Kunio
Tsuru Hirohisa
Uchiumi Satoshi
Sasaki Yoshihisa
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