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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate setting and management of a cipher key, when adapting a domestic electric apparatus or the like to the terminal equipment of a network mail order or the like.SOLUTION: A data processing system, utilized for the network mail order or the like, is provided with a host device 7 which is connectable to the terminal equipment 1 via a network 6. The host device has a DB 8 registering the cipher key, made to relate to a one-to-one basis with the machine production number of the domestic electric apparatus incorporating the terminal equipment correspondingly to a user ID, retrieves the cipher key corresponding to the user ID included in a trading request from the terminal equipment from the DB, and performs ciphering and deciphering processes of the information data exchanged with the terminal equipment with the retrieved cipher key. Since the cipher key utilizes information, having one-to-one relation with the machine production serial number of the home electrical appliance, the setting the management of the cipher key required when adapting the home electrical appliance to the terminal equipment of the network mail order or the like can be facilitated.

Home electrical appliance, applicant registering method, order-accepting method, data processing system
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February 20, 2001
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August 30, 2002
Suzuki Takashi
Hatae Hiroshi
Ota Masutomi
Sakamoto Koji
Otsubo Hiroyasu
Kawahara Takayuki
Hirano Yasuhiro
H04L 09/08
H04B 03/54
G06F 17/60