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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To always provide effective and newest GPS assist information without requiring a communication expense from an owner of a GPS position detection device.SOLUTION: This device is equipped with a voice conversation processing part 1c for executing bidirectional voice conversation between calling from a conversation terminal 3a and a called communication terminal 3a, a GPS positioning operation processing part 1a for processing GPS assist data 2a transmitted from a GPS assist server 2 connected on a communication network, and a voice/data processing part 1d for distributing packet data including a voice signal for conversation and packet data including the GPS assist data 2a. The GPS positioning operation processing part 1a has a constitution for receiving the GPS assist data taken out by the voice/data processing part 1d at the conversation time with the conversation terminal 3a, and re-memorizing the data periodically in a memory.

Gps position detection device and gps position detection system
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January 26, 2001
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August 9, 2002
Kawamoto Kazuhiro
Kuramae Kenji
Okuno Kenji
Tsujimoto Ikuo
Fukuda Masahito
Suefuji Takuya
Yamada Wakio
Suzuki Junichi
Satake Tei
Sakamoto Koji
Matsushita Electric Works
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