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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily report to an end user, who uses map data in a navigation system, on errors, imprecision or another problem sensed from the map data such as a calculated route or guidance with low quality.SOLUTION: The end user employs a user interface of the navigation system to show the sensed error, the imprecision or the other problem. The navigation system includes a reporting program that responds to the indication showed by the end user and starts running. The reporting program collects information representing the error, the imprecision or the other problem and sends the report including the collected information to a developer of the map database. The developer of the map database can use the information in the report in order to update the map database.

Navigation system with property for reporting error
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June 22, 2001
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August 9, 2002
Kaplan Lawrence M
Casino Roy
Burton Mark
Ohler Jean
Navigation Technol
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