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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the contact pressure in a contact part between the surface of a substrate and a polishing face from becoming excessive even if the polishing face is protruded from the external edge of the substrate or the surface of the substrate is protruded from the external edge of a polishing member.SOLUTION: The whole of a pad plate 42 comprises a magnet (permanent magnet) which is polarized in a vertical direction so that the lower side becomes the N pole and the upper side becomes the S pole, and a magnet 12 is arranged at a position opposing to the polishing face (the lower face of a polishing pad 43) protruded from the external edge of a substrate 6, which is caused by the horizontal rocking (described later) of a polishing member 40 in the external peripheral section of a rotary table 5 and spaced from the protruded polishing face. The magnet 12 is arranged in such constitution that the upper face side is set to the N pole and the lower face side is set to the S pole so as to work the magnetic force (repulsive force) energizing the pad plate 42 upward (the direction opposite to the direction in which the polishing face is pressed against the surface of the substrate).

Polishing device
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August 22, 2001
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July 16, 2002
Yamamoto Eiichi
Hoshino Susumu
Uda Yutaka
Takahashi Yosuke
Uchiyama Kunio
Nikon Engineering
H01L 21/304
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