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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a providing method for GPS assist information capable of providing the position of a communicable base station from a server set on a network to a communication terminal as rough position information so that a revolving satellite necessary for GPS position measurement can be quickly captured, and a system therefor.SOLUTION: The GPS assist server 1 is provided with a rough position information database A for preliminarily storing rough position information according to each base station 3 with the discrimination information of the base station 3 communicable with the communication terminal 2 as key information. When the communication terminal 2 requests prescribed GPS assist information with the discrimination information of the base station acquired in communication, the server retrieves the rough position information stored in conformation to the discrimination information of the corresponding base station 3 from the rough position information database A, and returns it to the communication terminal 2 as the GPS assist information. The server further receives the position measurement information from the communication terminal 2 which accesses thereto, and stores the information in the database A as rough position information.

Providing method for gps assist information and network service system for executing this providing method
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December 25, 2000
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July 10, 2002
Kawamoto Kazuhiro
Okuno Kenji
Kuramae Kenji
Tsujimoto Ikuo
Sakamoto Koji
Fukuda Masahito
Yamada Wakio
Suzuki Junichi
Satake Tei
Suefuji Takuya
Matsushita Electric Works
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