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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a technology capable of specifying a reproducing apparatus used for a copying.SOLUTION: The reproducing apparatus, when reproducing, converts for identifying codes of the apparatus into a plurality of signal series by using a corresponding table and embeds a plurality of acquired signal series into AV signals as an electronic transparency. In a specifying apparatus of reproducing apparatus, however, the relational values of the AV signals and every signal series included in the table are acquired to be compared with a prescribed threshold so that the embedded signal series are decided and the identifying codes are extracted.

Reproducing apparatus, specifying apparatus of the same, specifying system of the apparatus, these methods and recording medium thereof
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July 25, 2001
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June 7, 2002
Nakamura Kazuhiko
Sumino Shinya
Katsura Takuji
Noritomi Kenichi
Arimura Koji
Inoue Takashi
Matsushita Electric
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H04N 01/387
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