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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To disclose a method that uses transmission power information so as to decide a data rate thereby integrating a voice service and a data service on a same frequency channel in which the available transmission power information indicates an amount of transmission power available for future data transmission on one data channel or more.SOLUTION: A transmitter or a base station transmits an available power message denoting a quantity of available transmission power to a mobile phone for a prescribed future time via a forward link. The mobile phone performs signal-to-interference measurement corresponding to the received forward link and the received interference and decides a data rate supported by the mobile phone by using the signal to interference wave and the available power message. The decided data rate corresponds to a maximum data rate at which a minimum level of quality of service can be achieved at the mobile phone.

Method for integrating power-controlled transmission and rate-controlled transmission on same frequency carrier
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September 11, 2001
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May 24, 2002
Vitebsky Stanley
Sundaram Ganapathy Subramanian
Sunay Mehmet Oguz
Rudrapatna Ashok N
Kogiantis Achilles George
Kadaba Srinivas R
Joshi Niranjan Sudhir
Gopalakrishnan Nandu
Lucent Technol
H04J 13/00
H04Q 07/38