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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To operate a tag surely even if being stuck to a metal article, and to form the thickness of an antenna coil thin extremely.SOLUTION: This antenna coil 13 is formed by winding a coil body 17 on a magnetic core member 16. The magnetic core member is formed flatly by magnetic powder and composite material of plastics or an amorphous foil or its laminated material. The coil body has an insulating member 18 formed by an electrical insulating film and an electrical insulating sheet, a conductor 19 formed meanderingly by conductive material on the surface of the insulating member, and plural slits formed respectively on the insulating member so as to be positioned between the meandrous conductor. Plural small pieces 18b are formed side by side on the insulating member by the plural slits, and the magnetic core member is inserted into the plural slits so that the small pieces are arranged alternately on the front and back of the magnetic core member and that the conductor is wound by the magnetic core member.

Antenna coil for rfid and its manufacturing method
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February 13, 2001
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April 19, 2002
Hachiman Seiro
Endo Takanori
Mitsubishi Materials
H01Q 07/06
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