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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a tray for gardening tiles enabling a user to enjoy gardening at a rooftop or veranda without worrying about rain leaking or the like while making a lawn garden or small garden to remodel the rooftop or veranda.SOLUTION: This tray for gardening tiles is such as to have flow holes 3, columnar bodies 4, and a root-cutting nonwoven fabric 5 closely joined to the bottom of the tray through insert molding, and to be designed so that the tray can be arbitrarily joined to the other trays adjacent thereto or separated from each other. Using plural pieces of such trays mentioned above, a user can make a lawn garden through planting natural lawns in the trays and laying them side by side.

Tray for gardening tile and gardening lawn tile
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September 27, 2000
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April 9, 2002
Narita Mitsuyasu
Narita Kinzoku Sangyo
A01G 09/02
A01G 01/00
A01G 01/12