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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve beam irradiation efficiency by controlling a dose of charged beam to be irradiated at a high accuracy.SOLUTION: There are arranged deflection electromagnet coils 3 and 4 which make a charged beam scan along two different directions to irradiate respective irradiation positions based on current values corresponding to the respective irradiation positions, deflection electromagnet power sources X 5 and Y 6, a memory 13 for storing the current values on a table T listed corresponding to the plurality of irradiation positions, a dosimeter 7, a signal processing circuit 9, a signal input part 11, a processor 12 which reads the current values corresponding to other irradiation positions out of the table T of the memory 13 when a measured dose value reaches a planned dose value to be supplied to the deflection electromagnet power sources X 5 and Y 6 and a signal output part 14.

Charged beam irradiation method and apparatus, and computer readable storage medium
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August 21, 2000
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February 26, 2002
Tsuzuki Naohisa
Takeda Tamotsu
Yagi Takao
Maeda Kazunao
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H01J 37/04
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