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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device and a method for tracking an object inside a maintenance environment.SOLUTION: RF ID technique including a tag and an antenna is adopted and the antenna is arranged at a strategic position inside maintenance environment such as a safe. An RF ID tag has a memory and is arranged at an object to be tracked such as a removable data storage medium, and when the object is arranged inside the maintenance environment in this way, its position and existence inside the maintenance environment are decided through the antenna. Identification information stored in the memory of the RF ID tag is unique, and consequently, the antenna can uniquely identify the object. Other identification information such as information of user relation is also included in tracking information. A processor can be used to process the tracking information.

Rf id tagging for improved tracking in maintenance environment
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February 1, 2001
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September 21, 2001
Thomas Fred C Iii
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