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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an ink-jet printing head which efficiently dissipates the heat generated by a driving element for driving an energy-generating element to the outside.SOLUTION: This printing head 20 has ink supply grooves 22 and ink supply holes 23 bored to a chip substrate 21, a driving circuit (logic circuits 24 and drivers 25) formed to a surface layer, resistance heating elements 27-1, individual wiring electrodes 28 and a common electrode 29 disposed on an insulating film 26, and an orifice plate 32 with orifices 33 stacked on diaphragms 31. The common electrode 29 is comprised of a connecting electrode 29-1 connected to the left side of the resistance heating element 27-1 to form an ink channel 35 above and an expanded electrode 29-2 overlapped via the insulating film 26 onto the driver 25. The heat generated by the driver 25 is transmitted to ink of the ink channel 35 via the insulating film 26, the expanded electrode 29-2 and the connecting electrode 29-1, further supplied to an ink-pressurising chamber 34 and discharged outside with ink drops from the orifice 33 without being left inside the head.

Ink-jet printing head
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March 3, 2000
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September 11, 2001
Nakajima Mitsuyasu
Casio Comput
B41J 02/05