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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a distributed encryption method for a portable storage system.SOLUTION: A computer system has a common cipher data component (C) for an enterprise system to transfer files and a unique cipher data component (U). One or more users (300), a host (90), a data storage (50), and a remote storage medium (360) being components are closely linked together by encrypted data to protect data files. If cipher files are generated by the enterprise system with a cipher system and transferred to medium, it can only be read by the secured enterprise computer with the same cipher system. Since the media is in unitary identifier even the secured enterprise computer with the same cipher system can't read a copied medium. The file transferred to the medium (394) has a intrinsic key file (396). Therefore, the system with the pre-defined common cipher data components (C) can only read the transferred file.

Detachable data storage system protected with encryption
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January 12, 2001
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September 7, 2001
Fowler Steven M
Taylor Wilhelm
Watson Brent
Bero James M
Thomas Fred C Iii
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