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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a bidirectional controller, which simplifys registration in command with a displayed image on keys not restricted, even by the data previously maintained in remote-control.SOLUTION: The controller comprises a key data input means which inputs the key data inputting display information to display the information about an operation key on a display screen and an operational information to transmit the command to a controlled equipment on operating the key, a key date memory means which stores the key data a key position setting means which sets the display position of the operational key on the display screen in response to the outside input, and a key position memory means which stores the display position which is set by the key position setting means by relating it to the key data that is stored by the key data memory means.

Bidirectional controller
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February 25, 2000
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September 7, 2001
Kurosaki Toshihiko
Sato Kensuke
Matsushita Electric
H04Q 09/00
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H03M 11/04
G06F 03/023