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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vertical illumination type microscope which allows the distinct observation of the appearance of a cylindrical object to be inspected.SOLUTION: This microscope has a stage 101 for supporting the object 102a to be inspected, an objective lens 112 and a deflecting member 111 for making illumination light incident on the objective lens 112. A reflection member 105 for reflecting at least part of the light of the illumination light emitted from the objective lens 112 toward the object 102a to be inspected, which part is not cast to the object 102a to be inspected, toward the objective lens 112 is mounted on the stage 10. The illumination light is reflected by this reflection member 105, by which the observation of the image of the object to be inspected in the uniformly bright background is made possible in spite of the vertical illumination.

Vertical illumination type microscope, inspection apparatus for probe card and method for manufacturing probe card
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February 14, 2000
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August 24, 2001
Yamazaki Hidekazu
Nikon Engineering
H01L 21/66
G02B 21/26
G02B 21/24
G01R 01/073
G02B 21/10