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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a display device of an active matrix type which can assure the light emitting intensity of display elements within a display surface and can improve display performance. SOLUTION: This display device has lower electrodes 10 which are patterned and formed by each of respective pixels a, organic layers 11R, 11G and 11B which have at least organic light emitting layers and are disposed in the state of covering the lower electrodes 10 and upper common electrodes 12 which are disposed on the organic layers 11R, 11G and 11B in the state of covering all the pixels a. The device described above is provided with ribs 14 which are the spacers of a mask to be used in patterning and forming the organic layers 11R, 11G and 11B as auxiliary wiring connected to the upper common electrodes 12 between the respective pixels a under the upper common electrodes 12. As a result, the voltage drop of the upper common electrodes 12 is suppressed and the space saving between the pixels a is made possible.

Display device and method for manufacturing display device
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September 4, 2000
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July 19, 2001
Sasaoka Tatsuya
Sano Naoki
Sekiya Mitsunobu
Iwase Yuichi
Hirano Takayuki
Chiba Yasuhiro
Yamada Jiro
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