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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide manufacturing method of an organic EL element which can keep stable luminescence efficiency without a leakage current.SOLUTION: In the manufacturing method of the organic EL element in which an anode lower electrode (metal lower electrode) 2a consisting of a metal material layer 2, an organic layer 4 consisting of an organic luminescence layer 43. and a cathode upper electrode 5 through which a light h can transmit are formed one by one in this order on a substrate 1, before forming the organic layer 4, a process which carries out mirror-like polish on the surface of the metal material layer 2 is performed. By this, a thickness of a film in the organic layer 4 on the anode lower electrode 2a is equalized and a space of the anode lower electrode 2a and the cathode lower electrode 5 which are arranged on both sides of the organic layer 4 is equalized, and thus generating of a leakage current is prevented.

Manufacturing method of organic electroluminescent element and organic electroluminescent element
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December 20, 1999
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June 29, 2001
Chiba Yasuhiro
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